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Civil War Music Heritage Gathering & Encampment
1864 Sanitary Fair

July 30 August 1, 2004
Centre Church - Windham, New York

Workshop/Presentation Descriptions

Stories Behind the Songs

Harmony Grits is a quartet of men who share an historical musical interest in the American Minstrel ear. The group captures the instrumentation and arrangements of the period by using vocals, and various acoustic and rhythm instruments that would have been in bands in Civil War camps. Their authentic and well-composed musical program will make that special time in America's history and its major events "come alive again." We are very pleased to welcome this fine quartet back again.

Harmony Grits will explore a range of songs popular during the ante bellum and Civil War periods in America. The program will include presentations of several musical arrangements with commentary about composers and historical background, as well as discussion and demonstration of a variety of instruments typical of small string bands during that time in our history. The members of the group include Tom and Ray Smith, and Steve Roth. The songs that will be performed were played in military camps, country dances, music halls and minstrel shows.

Friday Mini-Concert & Jam Session

An opportunity to meet the musicians in an informal setting to enjoy each other's music talents.

Gathering musicians will hold camp sing-a-long, jam session and mini-concert. Join the Providence Brigade Band and our community of parlor musicians for great time of music and history. An Ice Cream Social will follow the program.

Bringing History to Life: The Elements of Developing First Person Portrayals

Civil War Heritage Foundation members will discuss the research, physical demands, period dress and character study required when developing an accurate portrayal of a famous personality, civilian or soldier who lived during the Antebellum/Civil War era. A panel of Foundation members will discuss how they approach and develop their first person portrayals. Audience members will participate in a question and answer session during the presentation.

Life of the Common Soldier
A Tribute To Those
Who Did the Fighting

Kevin Hagen, a forty-year student of the Civil War, resides in Hillsdale, New York. Inspired by his years of reading and the highly acclaimed Ken Burns PBS series about the Civil War, Kevin developed a keen and passionate interest in the lives, motivations and beliefs of the citizen soldiers who fought to preserve the Union. Mr. Hagen is also a collector of Civil War memorabilia. He considers himself a re-enactor, skirmisher and musician. He has taught courses on the Civil War at Columbia Greene Community College and served as the Chairman of the New York State Battle Flag Commission.

Kevin Hagen will present the life of the common soldier, the true hero of the Civil war. The program will discuss life in the field, ethnicity, education, pay, religious beliefs, personal expectations and the Army's expectations of the soldier. Examples of weapons, marching, military tactics and army life in general will be demonstrated. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of how soldiers entertained themselves while on the march including books, newspapers, fraternities, plays, gambling, games, alcohol use and of course music. A number of popular tunes will be played at the closing of the program. Sheet music will be provided and the audience will be invited to participate.

Fifth Corps Music

A wonderful group of parlor musicians from Ohio will inspire you with their rich banjo, guitar, fiddle & vocal music.

19th Century Salon and Concert Music

Presented by Helen Beedle, highly acclaimed pianist

Paul Martin III Art Exhibit

Paul Martin III is nationally known for his haunting and inspiring battlefield landscapes of the Civil War. His artwork will be on display in the Windham Centre Church gallery throughout the weekend. Mr. Martin resides in Yorktown Heights at Silent Sentinel Studios.

Sculptures Display by Ron Tunison

Several of Mr. Tunison's newest works will be showcased and available for purchase including That Devil Forrest and new for summer 2003 General Joshua Chamberlain on Horseback.

Ron Tunison, world acclaimed Civil War monument sculptor, will exhibit his collectible bronzes and give a short slide presentation. Sculptor of four Civil War bronze monuments on the Gettysburg, PA National Battlefield, one on the Antietam, MD Battlefield and one at the Museum of the Civil War Soldier at Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, VA. Tunison is recognized for his life-like realism and historical accuracy in portraying the Civil War period in sculpture to the finest detail. Years of study and research have earned him recognition for his flawless authenticity. Nationally recognized Civil war historian Gary Gallagher spoke of Mr. Tunison's work as, "superb sculptures that place him in the front rank of artists who work on military themes from the Civil War." Ken Burns of PBS spoke at the unveiling ceremony of Tunison's Delaware State Monument at Gettysburg acknowledging the sculptor's distinguished talent. "The Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial" of Elizabeth Thorn will be highlighted in the presentation. Gatekeeper at the Gettysburg Evergreen Cemetery, six-month pregnant C.W. heroine Elizabeth Thorn buried ninety soldiers after the battle without the help of her husband who was away fighting for the Union in VA.

Rise Up Singing: Popular 19th & 20th Century Civil War Songs & Tunes

Program includes selections from the films Gods & Generals and Cold Mountain

The 77th NY Regimental Balladeers will perform and discuss some of the modern day Civil War music compositions. Like the singers, poets and instrumentalists who lived over one hundred and forty years ago today's living history parlor musicians continue the rich tradition of minstrelsy by writing and composing songs, ballads and tunes that the evoke the memory of a turbulent time. The words and melodies of these musical themes, like their ancestral counterparts, provide narratives about historical events, paint poignant lyrical images that stir the emotions and contribute to a better appreciation and understanding of the times. The songs and tunes will include Going Home (Words and music by Mary Fahl/Glen Patschal/Byron Isaacs. The theme song from the film "Gods and Generals", Free and Green (Words by Carl Funk and performed by David Kincaid), My Sweet Ellen Joyce & Sacred Store of the Chickahominy (Jed Marum)), Ashokan Farewell (By Jay Ungar), Who Knows Where the Wind Blows (Tommy Sands). Song Sheets will be provided.

History of the War Between the States
As Told By Song and Verse

The Cumberland Blues are David Budmen (guitar and banjo) - John Clementi (mandolin and guitar) - Mark Juza (bass) - Rich Mendoza (guitar, dulcimer and multi-instrumentals) - Greg Mushinski "Dr. Mush" (harmonica) and Cliff Speer (percussion-bones and all things percussive). This is their first appearance as a presenter.

Through descriptions and musical performance the Cumberland Blues will show how composers, arrangers, poets and publishers used verse and music to describe the dramatic events of their era. All songs will be derived from original sources dating from 1861-65. Songs presented will be complete original compositions and original verse set to already existing popular tunes. The mood set by the combination of music and descriptive lyrics bring history to life in a way that textbooks cannot capture. The lyric conveys the story and the music propels the spirit that inspired our ancestors and continues to inspire us today.

Soldiers' Relief Fairs and the Union War Effort

Gwen will be available throughout the weekend to answer questions about the 1864 Sanitary Fair exhibit and the impact that these events had on the community morale and the war effort.

Gwen Harding-Peets has been researching and reenacting civilian life during the Civil War for almost a decade. She is a member of the Hudson Valley Ladies Aid Society. Her lecture will discuss the role of Sanitary Fairs as a mechanism for those back home to support troops at the front. Gwen will cover the history of the U.S. Sanitary Commission and how the organization was created. She will report on the 1864 Dutchess and Poughkeepsie Sanitary Fair as well as other fairs that were held during the war. The changing role of women in mid-nineteenth century society will be explored by looking at their home front war efforts. The elements of a typical Soldiers' Relief Fair will be described. Please join Gwen for a most informative talk on this interesting topic.

Milton Hermans
Harmonica Educator & Performer

Learn first hand all about the history of America's most popular folk instrument, the harmonica. Milton performs using one, two and sometimes three harmonicas at the same time. Mr. Hermans will explain some of the history of the harmonica, where it was invented and its evolution. Milton has performed at music festivals throughout the United States.

Authentic mid-19th Century Brass Band Music

A new feature of the 2004 Gathering. We are pleased to welcome the Providence Brigade Band & Excelsior Cornet Band to Windham

Town brass bands proliferated in the 1840s and 50s due to the prosperity of the period. The Providence Brigade and Excelsior Cornet bands carry on the tradition and performing style of the military brass band. Their showcases will have a special emphasis on the American Civil War.

Jim Hartel Banjoist and Builder of Minstrel Banjos

Jim will be back with us again this year to share some his playing and banjo construction techniques. Some of Jim's banjos will be on display.

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