Wet-plate photo images by Rob Gibson, Gettysburg, PA

Civil War Music Heritage Gathering

"Where the mid-nineteenth century American musical landscape is re-created and the Great Northern Catskill Mountains ring out with melodic voice and strings that tell the story of the trials and triumphs of a turbulent time."


Guided by the spirit of Foster, Kittredge, Emmett, other leading music composers, publishers and the singing soldiers of the day, the Civil War Music Heritage Gathering aims to educate, explore, preserve, promote and share with the public the popular songs/tunes of the mid-nineteenth century.

Furthermore, we seek to create a fellowship and learning community where contemporary antebellum and Civil War string band musicians and workshop participants can exchange musical knowledge, thoughts and views about music history, playing styles and rub musical elbows with each other.

The only pre-requisites are having a genuine passion and respect for the period's songs and tunes and a capacity to enjoy and support the musicianship of others.

We invite you to come forward and join the gathering!


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1860's Grand Concert & 1960's Folk Revival tickets $12.00 per performance. Special combination ticket for both performances $20.00. Free reenactors dinner and ice cream social on Friday night Auagst 2nd from 4-6:30pm. To reserve tickets email cwhmg@webtv.net or call 518-734-5655.

Commemorating The 150th  Anniversary

Of America's Civil War

Saddle up and join the 77th New York Regimental Balladeers at the movies as we commemorate John Ford’s film trilogy, a tribute to the United States Cavalry. Take a musical ride from Fort Apache to the Rio Grande on a sing-a-long of the songs that inspired the cavalry trooper on the frontier. Raise your voices sing out on “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”, “The Girl I Left Behind Me”, “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” and other classic songs. Step lively to the tunes “St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning”, “Garryowen” and “Haste to the Wedding” as we recreate the Non-Commissioned Officers’ Ball. The music of Ford’s trilogy is timeless. The songs and tunes reveal something special about the American character.
Here’s our new traveling concert sign that was designed and painted by our good friend David Getty. We greatly appreciate David’s graphic arts talent and his willingness to provide us with a wonderful patriotic and period look. David is an accomplished graphic artist, historian and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. His portrayal of a 79th NYS Militia Volunteer (Highlander) is always well regarded at living history events. Look for David’s “Roll Call” a special tribute to the 79th Highlanders on this year’s Balladeers’ concert tour. Thanks David for a great job on behalf of the entire band!


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"Come Dearest The Daylight Is Gone"

New Balladeers CD

to be released in 2013 to commerate

the 150th anniversery of the Battle at

Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address

Col. George W. Pratt Day

September 7 2013 

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